Expert Advice on Where to Find Good Freelance Political Article Writing Jobs

Politics makes up a majority of the news we come across daily. You will always find something to read from different parts of the world, every single day. And this alone makes the political writing niche one that is filled with numerous opportunities. Therefore, if you are seeking writing and editing jobs in this niche, then you have made the right call.

So, now that you are serious about landing political freelance writing jobs, what are the steps you need to take? Read to know how and where you can find online writing jobs with reasonable rates.

  1. Approach political news blog
  2. There are numerous ways to land political article writing jobs. First, you have to look in the right places. One of the steps you can take is to visit blogs in the niche. Pitch your idea to them and indicate your interest to provide them with regular political articles.

    Even if there’s no opening, you still stand a better chance of landing a freelance writing job. Many of the blogs on the internet are looking for writing help. And if they find that you can add value and even do the job better than them, they might be more than willing to hire you.

  3. Contact online newspapers
  4. As a freelancer or freelance writer, keep in mind that everything is possible. You can create an opening in a company where there’s none. All you need is to be able to display your skills. Give your proposed employers reasons to add you to their team or create an opening for you.

    One of the ways to showcase what you can offer your proposed employers is by providing samples of your work. It could be in the form of well-written guest posts published in other high authority blogs.

    So, if you plan to contact online newspapers, including political news blogs, privately, it would be better to have samples on hand. It would be great if you also wrote the samples yourself. Therefore, ensure you are always given credit after publishing your articles in another blog. In such a case, your name and image or just name will appear at the end of the article.

    What about owning a blog? Have you thought about how it can help to boost your chances of landing a writing gig in your niche of interest? The thing is, having a personal blog will offer you the opportunity to have numerous samples to show to your proposed clients. But then, make sure your blog is professional-looking and contains quality content.


You can get highly paid writing jobs online with ease. All it takes is for you to prove your worth. Let your proposed clients see what you are bringing to the table by offering well-written samples. It will help to convince them to give you a shot. You can also find writing jobs on freelance platforms. The first step is to register and start placing bids. But if you want writing opportunities in politics, use the tips provided in this post.

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