3 Great Places to Find Freelance Writing Opportunities

Where to get jobs is an essential subject for every freelancer. Another important one is the payout. In this 21st century, most of the opportunities are online. Online platforms present ample opportunities for freelance writers. Let’s consider 3 of these platforms.

  1. LinkedIn
  2. To be honest, LinkedIn can be a piece of work. Loads of notifications and connection requests can be mind-blowing. That notwithstanding, LinkedIn is an excellent platform to market your professional skills. It is a unique platform to throw yourself out there.

    Knowing how to maximize the opportunities LinkedIn presents would be of professional benefit. You can get a lot of excellent and well-paying freelance opportunities with this platform. You can also get jobs without sending personal messages to people.

    Now for the “how to go about it.” Potential clients would want to know what you can do. Therefore, update your profile with detailed information about who you are, the services you offer, and the experience you have. You can also place links to the samples of your best works. Ensure all the information you provide accurately and effectively represents you.

    LinkedIn presents you to a world of potential clients. There is no limit to the network of professionals you can connect with both individuals and organizations. LinkedIn search also makes it easy for you to get freelance jobs and groups.

  3. Twitter
  4. Twitter is another excellent platform that can be of benefit to you as a freelance writer if you know how to leverage the opportunities. Twitter, as a social media platform, comprises many people looking for writers and editors. Well written works are also appreciated on the platform.

    You can also share your works on Twitter. You can also strategically build large followership which can also be a way to gain visibility. With your work being retweeted, a client might view your work. Build solid followership, which comprises individuals who like your job, other writers, friends, and professionals in the industry.

    Building your Twitter following and visibility requires consistency. Consistently make creative and relevant write-ups and tweets about what you want to write about. You can also write or tweet about areas you are interested in, e.g., fashion, culture, technology, etc. Engage people with thought-provoking tweets or write-ups.

    In staying relevant as a writer, ensure you stay updated in what’s going on in your fields. Being updated will help you know what people want to read or know about. Networking with other writers and editors might be the lead you need to get an opportunity. They can also help you sharpen your skills and open your mind to explore new possibilities.

  5. Job Interviews
  6. Opportunities can come from anywhere. Some organizations allow you to work for them as a freelance writer. Those jobs interview gives you a shot at what you want. Show them what you’ve got. Who knows it might just pull through for you?

    Finally, get out there and let people know what you do. No one patronizes someone that they cannot vouch for their work.

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