Expert Advice on Where to Find Good Freelance Political Article Writing Jobs

Politics makes up a majority of the news we come across daily. You will always find something to read from different parts of the world, every single day. And this alone makes the political writing niche one that is filled with numerous opportunities. Therefore, if you are seeking writing and editing jobs in this niche, then you have made the right call.

So, now that you are serious about landing political freelance writing jobs, what are the steps you need to take? Read to know how and where you can find online writing jobs with reasonable rates.

  1. Approach political news blog
  2. There are numerous ways to land political article writing jobs. First, you have to look in the right places. One of the steps you can take is to visit blogs in the niche. Pitch your idea to them and indicate your interest to provide them with regular political articles.

    Even if there’s no opening, you still stand a better chance of landing a freelance writing job. Many of the blogs on the internet are looking for writing help. And if they find that you can add value and even do the job better than them, they might be more than willing to hire you.

  3. Contact online newspapers
  4. As a freelancer or freelance writer, keep in mind that everything is possible. You can create an opening in a company where there’s none. All you need is to be able to display your skills. Give your proposed employers reasons to add you to their team or create an opening for you.

    One of the ways to showcase what you can offer your proposed employers is by providing samples of your work. It could be in the form of well-written guest posts published in other high authority blogs.

    So, if you plan to contact online newspapers, including political news blogs, privately, it would be better to have samples on hand. It would be great if you also wrote the samples yourself. Therefore, ensure you are always given credit after publishing your articles in another blog. In such a case, your name and image or just name will appear at the end of the article.

    What about owning a blog? Have you thought about how it can help to boost your chances of landing a writing gig in your niche of interest? The thing is, having a personal blog will offer you the opportunity to have numerous samples to show to your proposed clients. But then, make sure your blog is professional-looking and contains quality content.


You can get highly paid writing jobs online with ease. All it takes is for you to prove your worth. Let your proposed clients see what you are bringing to the table by offering well-written samples. It will help to convince them to give you a shot. You can also find writing jobs on freelance platforms. The first step is to register and start placing bids. But if you want writing opportunities in politics, use the tips provided in this post.

3 Great Places to Find Freelance Writing Opportunities

Where to get jobs is an essential subject for every freelancer. Another important one is the payout. In this 21st century, most of the opportunities are online. Online platforms present ample opportunities for freelance writers. Let’s consider 3 of these platforms.

  1. LinkedIn
  2. To be honest, LinkedIn can be a piece of work. Loads of notifications and connection requests can be mind-blowing. That notwithstanding, LinkedIn is an excellent platform to market your professional skills. It is a unique platform to throw yourself out there.

    Knowing how to maximize the opportunities LinkedIn presents would be of professional benefit. You can get a lot of excellent and well-paying freelance opportunities with this platform. You can also get jobs without sending personal messages to people.

    Now for the “how to go about it.” Potential clients would want to know what you can do. Therefore, update your profile with detailed information about who you are, the services you offer, and the experience you have. You can also place links to the samples of your best works. Ensure all the information you provide accurately and effectively represents you.

    LinkedIn presents you to a world of potential clients. There is no limit to the network of professionals you can connect with both individuals and organizations. LinkedIn search also makes it easy for you to get freelance jobs and groups.

  3. Twitter
  4. Twitter is another excellent platform that can be of benefit to you as a freelance writer if you know how to leverage the opportunities. Twitter, as a social media platform, comprises many people looking for writers and editors. Well written works are also appreciated on the platform.

    You can also share your works on Twitter. You can also strategically build large followership which can also be a way to gain visibility. With your work being retweeted, a client might view your work. Build solid followership, which comprises individuals who like your job, other writers, friends, and professionals in the industry.

    Building your Twitter following and visibility requires consistency. Consistently make creative and relevant write-ups and tweets about what you want to write about. You can also write or tweet about areas you are interested in, e.g., fashion, culture, technology, etc. Engage people with thought-provoking tweets or write-ups.

    In staying relevant as a writer, ensure you stay updated in what’s going on in your fields. Being updated will help you know what people want to read or know about. Networking with other writers and editors might be the lead you need to get an opportunity. They can also help you sharpen your skills and open your mind to explore new possibilities.

  5. Job Interviews
  6. Opportunities can come from anywhere. Some organizations allow you to work for them as a freelance writer. Those jobs interview gives you a shot at what you want. Show them what you’ve got. Who knows it might just pull through for you?

    Finally, get out there and let people know what you do. No one patronizes someone that they cannot vouch for their work.

How Do You Get Freelance Story Writing Jobs From Home?

Writing has changed drastically in these modern days. In the past, finding writing jobs was much harder. Then the internet was not in existence or as advanced as it is today. So, after spending hours to write, the writer has to spend even more hours and energy, seeking a buyer for his or her work.

Now you can sit at the comfort of your home and do secure creative writing jobs without any hard work or stress. However, niche varies. There are also numerous online writing and editing jobs for a story writer. But one needs to look in the right places to find them.

So, if you’re interested in figuring out how a story writer can find jobs from home, then you need to read this post from start to finish.

1. Registering on freelance platforms

The emergence of freelance platforms has increased the confidence of freelancers across the globe. That’s because of the drastic and result-driven marketing approach these platforms are using. The opportunities for writers and those in other niches are enormous. Plus, there are numerous freelance sites where one can secure jobs without breaking a sweat.

In spite of the increased number of freelance platforms, there are steps one needs to take to secure jobs. Since you are a storyteller, you need to have an excellent review to boost the confidence of clients. Another way you can obtain a job is to place bids for offers that you find suitable for your skills.

So when you visit any of these freelance platforms and signup, ensure your profile is a hundred percent complete. You can also increase your chances of landing a writing job by creating and offering quality samples. Nevertheless, since your account is still new and has no reviews, you can take it upon yourself to create story samples.

The majority of the freelance platforms today have options where you can add samples for clients to check and rate the quality of your work. That enables them to make a quick decision on whether to hire you for their project or not.

Here are the top freelance platforms you can visit. You will find online writing jobs and opportunities in other niches here.

  • Guru
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Fiverr
  • People Per Hour
  • Indeed
  • Flex jobs

This list goes on and on! There are long lists of sites out there you can join, and the exciting thing is that you do not have to pay a dime to participate.

2. Display your skills on social media

The power of social media far outgrows social interaction. You can achieve just about anything on these platforms if you are serious about it. How can you get story writing jobs on social media? Start by sharing thought-provoking stories.

You might be surprised to find your audience reaching out to you for a project in your niche sooner than later. Your story might also get more engagements than you think. Those who find them interesting may like to share on their social media accounts and even on their blogs.


If you can write great stories, be it fiction or non-fiction, then you should be making money with your skills. Keep in mind that there are people who are seeking your kind to hire. All you need to do is look in the right places. In this post, you will discover a couple of places you can search for story writing gigs, including ideas you can deploy to get story writing jobs.

Crucial Tips To Succeed In Online Proofreading Jobs

The internet now offers great opportunities for anyone seeking to earn extra income. Online writing has emerged as one of the fastest growing industries which has spawned other areas of work such as editing and proofreading. If you understand the rules of English grammar, proofreading is a great way to supplement your income. Instead of only looking for an online writing job, you can specialize in proofreading and editing to create a stream of income.

This article highlights some of the most important things you need to remember to succeed in online proofreading. Keep reading.

Understand What Proofreading is All About
Most writers confuse proofreading with editing. Such confusion arises because most clients offering freelance editor jobs actually require a proofreader. While editing looks at the bigger picture in a text including structure and flow, proofreading entails a narrower examination of a piece of work.

Proofreading is professional practice to ensure there no spelling, grammatical or typographical errors. Simple mistakes that even a grammar checker can miss are not lost on a proofreader and this will be your new line of work. You have to go through a text with a fine toothcomb to eliminate any embarrassing grammatical errors.

Understand Available Jobs
When starting out in freelance writing jobs remote as a writer, editor or proofreader, you will have to pick any job that comes your way. It is the best way to understand the industry and grow your reputation. However, with time, you need to narrow down on a specific area of focus to start growing your online proofreading career.

Some of the content types you can choose include student essays, online articles and blog posts, legal transcription, self-published novels, user manuals, press releases, newsletters, academic papers, contracts, e-books, resumes among others. As you continue working, it becomes easier to move into a specific field which is interesting to you or where you have a better understanding of the content.

Learn the Skill set Required
Most people jump into the freelance writing industry without doing enough research only to get disillusioned. To succeed as a proofreader, it is advisable to review your job description and understand the kind of skills you need.

For a start, you need excellent digital skills, a keen eye for detail, excellent grammar skills, patience, organizational skills, self-motivation, and good concentration among others. Proofreading is a tedious process and you need patience and a hawk-eye to catch any errors on a text.

Learn Where to Find Proofreading Jobs
When starting as a proofreader, look for job boards focusing on freelance editing jobs onlineand you will most likely find clients looking for proofreaders. You can also advertise your services on job boards, lookout for proofreading gigs on social media, create a good profile on LinkedIn and apply for a job from online writing and editing companies. You can also create a blog to build your reputation as a professional proofreader and share important tips on writing, editing and proofreading in your niche.

Keep Learning
To succeed in online copywriting jobs, editing and proofreading, you have to keep learning. Look for online resources, courses and tools to improve your career and follow gurus in this line of work.

Go ahead, start looking for the best proofreading gigs and use these tips to grow your career.

The Best Way To Succeed And Specializing In Writing Jobs Online

After graduating college I spent the greater part of a year traveling around the world and found that I could make money as a freelance writer. There were hundreds of internet writing jobs at my disposal and I really liked the freedom I had in setting my own schedule and choosing my projects. I did everything from simple proofreading to writing custom articles and assignments. Freelance writing jobs no experience can be a great way of earning extra income as you get your career started or simply want to take some time off (like I did). Here’s the best way to succeed in this popular field:

Search for a Wide Range of Writing Jobs
Start searching for a wide range of opportunities including, proofreader, technical writing jobs, and custom writer jobs. Your goal should be to apply to several places at once and possibly work with two or three agencies just so that you have a greater variety of projects you can finish quickly or spend a few days on depending on your schedule. This also lets you get a better feel for what the market is like. The more information you can gather the more prepared you will be when you apply.

Communicate with Other Freelancers
We all know the benefits of professional networking and this holds true in the freelancing industry. When I was searching for jobs my communication with other freelancers allowed me to learn about opportunities that they had passed on but felt I should apply to. Particularly, I found an editing job that helped me start a portfolio and positioned me to hear about higher paying gigs that fit perfectly into my schedule. I have other freelancers and my relationships with them to thank for this early success.

Focus on Developing Your Writing Skills
Writing takes a lot of hard work and you must always work towards developing your writing skills whether or not you are planning on doing it professionally for very long. Identify areas you have struggled with in the past and work on everything from sentence structure to vocabulary use. You should notice a significant improvement over the course of a few months and will likely build a base of dedicated clients who would prefer working with you over other freelancers.

Update Your Portfolio Every Few Weeks
Lastly, always keep your portfolio updated with your best current work. A lot of people start portfolio but don’t pay too much attention to them after a while. You should aim to make appropriate changes to it every few weeks. Take advantage of showing off your best writing and you will immediately see the positive impact it has in the kinds of job offers you receive.

You should now be able to find and succeed at academic writing jobs through a professional web service. Identify the main areas and topics you want to write about and stay proactive in your involvement with the agency. This should keep you aware of new projects as they appear and you’ll have more choice when it comes to selecting those projects which pay the most and you can do without any trouble.

How To Get Freelance Writing Jobs At A Professional Agency

College students all over the country utilize the services of a professional agency when they are in need of academic writing assistance. Professional agencies are also provide great opportunities for talented students who want to earn some extra cash while gaining more experience in a growing industry. Academic writer jobs are highly desirable because people entering this can take on as many or as few projects per week – anything to fit their schedules and provide them with supplemental income to get by a little more easily – especially with today’s educational costs at an all-time high. It is, however, a highly competitive field with only a few people making the grade when joining these elite teams. The following provides you with advice on how to get freelance writing jobs for college students:

Preparing Your Application
Most applications at professional agencies are not too complicated. You can usually apply online by submitting a resume, a sample document, and answering a few questions regarding your areas of expertise and the kinds of assignments you are hoping to get. A lot of places require you to take an online written test to evaluate your skills, but this usually only takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete and rarely gives anyone with good experience any trouble.

Working with a Writing Team
The process of completing assignments will require you to occasionally work with editors and proofreaders that will go over your work (at least to start with). This is the reason why professional agencies rarely provide freelance writing jobs for teens. The quality of writing at this level is more suitable for someone who understands the full process and can take positive constructive feedback on their work.

Choosing the Best Assignments
When working for a professional agency you need to be careful about the kinds of projects you take on at any given point. You may feel that you are experienced in a wide variety of subjects because your own educational interests have led you to explore many things. But you often need years of experience in certain areas to ensure you deliver high-quality, knowledge filled work. For instance don’t take on legal writers jobs if you only taken 2 or 3 course in the area.

Knowing How Pay is Received
Finally, you’re getting into this line of work because you want to earn some extra cash, right? It’s good to know how often and in what way a professional agency will be paying you. Most places do the usual and pay you per project, per word, every couple of weeks. Some places, however, may wait until you have surpassed a certain trial period and have written for about a month before sending you a payment. Make sure you know the specifics before selecting an agency to apply to.

If you have ever sought the assistance of a professional agency then you know that there are hundreds of reliable content writing jobs online. The trick in landing these opportunities is in taking the necessary time to prepare. This will help set you apart from the hundreds of others who want to get into this kind of work. Follow the advice above to make a good impression so that you can start earning some serious side cash.

Which Website Has The Best Online Writing Jobs For Beginners

Writing websites are the easiest and most reliable source of freelance jobs for writers. This has led to a proliferation of such sites. Some of these sites are not genuine and are out to con writers. Others offer very low rates that it does not translate into value for money. You cannot even make a career out of some. How do you know which website will help you build a successful freelancing career and which one to avoid? Here are excellent tips.

Check Reviews
Reviews are real life experiences of freelancers working in the industry. They give feedback on websites offering the best online proofreading jobs, excellent rates, constant work and reasonable payment schedules, among other important factors for freelancers. These websites are also reviewed on news media and such other platforms. Choose a company or website that has received more positive ratings. This will increase your chances of having a successful career working online. The reviews should be on independent platforms because some companies can manipulate the reviews to portray their websites and services in positive light.

You Will Have To Take Tests
Clients and writing websites subject their writers to tests to determine their capacity to deliver. You must be willing to begin your freelance writing career with a test. This is a common occurrence especially when you are looking for freelance writing jobs from home for beginners. It means that you do not have samples or the experience that would give confidence to a client. The test also helps the website or client to grade you and in the process determine where you fit best. It will also give you an idea whether you can fit into the industry or not. You can therefore have legitimate expectations instead of wasting your time.

Choose The Type of Job You Want
There are numerous jobs you can do online as a freelancer. They include writing, graphics design, editing and proofreading, among others. You have to pick the niche that best suits your training, skills, passion and resources. By choosing a niche, you can specialize and therefore become a pro. Clients want professionals who understand particular areas and not persons who will be using trial and error. Choose a niche and advance your skills. You will reap big from the process. Academic paper writing is becoming more popular nowadays.

The Sites Pay Differently
Choose a website that is paying you reasonably well. Different websites will pay different amounts for the same job. Search widely to identify where you are likely to get value for money and where your efforts will be wasted.

Beware of Fraud
There is a rise in number of sites conning writers. They purport to offer jobs only to disappear with your work once it is submitted. Do not be enticed by the prospects of getting well paying editor jobs at home only to end up losing your time, effort and money on work that is not delivering results. Demand milestones when taking work if you are not sure of the credibility of the website you have registered.

It is impossible to exhaust websites offering online content writing jobs. Perform due diligence, check reviews and get referrals. It will take some time to find a website or several of them that can offer quality and regular work.

How To Boost Your Pay From Freelance Writing Jobs Online

It is said that the earnings of a freelancer are limitless. You decide how much you earn by working longer hours or getting higher paying clients. Whether you are a beginner or you have been doing freelance writing job for years, you need to boost your earnings on regular basis. How can you enhance your earning potential as a freelancer? Here are excellent tips that will see your earnings balloon in an instant.

Be an Excellent Writer
Only excellent writers will attract high quality clients. An excellent writer understands instructions provided by the client with the first trial. This means that you will not need to do numerous revisions to the point of missing the submission deadlines. Polish your grammar, know different formats for each paper and learn more about formatting. If you are an excellent writer, clients will always come to you. You can even charge them a higher price and they pay because they have confidence in your work.

Identify Well-Paying Sites
Identify websites that pay better. There is no set fee for writing online jobs. One website may pay $5 for 100 words while another pays the same amount for 500 words article. Read reviews to see how much each website pays and the type of work you will be required to handle. Even within the same website, there are levels or classes that determine how much you will be paid. Work to become an elite or top writer in order to attract higher pay.

Be a Professional Writer
While you are working as a freelancer, you must be professional in your work. It means that you have the tools required to produce quality work. These tools include quality internet, computer or laptop, grammar checkers, plagiarism checkers, etc. Invest in a desk that allows you to work for a long time. You should also be available whenever proofreaders needed. This means indicating your working schedule and sticking to it. If a client needs you and you are unavailable, he or she will turn to the next writer. You will have lost the business.

Expand the Package on Offer
Do not just offer a single service. Other than just being a writer, you can do editor jobs online, graphics design, formatting and proofreading, among other services required by students or clients. Other than the client hiring multiple persons to work on his or her work, he will engage you for the entire package. This means that you earn more.

Work For More Than One Client
Diversify your income sources when working online. There are high and low seasons for all writing jobs over the internet. However, these seasons alternate. When one type of job is in high season, another will be in low season. You can continue making money on the alternative website. This is also tied to offering more than a single package. You continue offering graphics design services, for example, even when writing jobs are few.

How much you earn from financial writer jobs online will depend on your strategy. Produce good quality work and the clients will keep returning. Expand the range of services you offer and you will never go hungry working online.

Freelance Writing Job Online: Who Are The Scammers?

In academic writing job, you need to keep at the back of your mind that there are those who just think they can craft papers but when given a chance, all you get is shoddy work. On the other extreme end, there are ideal professionals. The fact that you are giving someone else a chance to work on your assignment or other academic papers means that you are not in a position to meet the deadline. There are scammers all over the internet and you must carefully identify and avoid them. When engaging a new content writer, avoid the following things.

Have disorganized websites
These are people who don’t know what the real deal is when it comes to proofreading online jobs and therefore, have no clue on what a good freelance writing job online website or profile should look like. You can easily identify these people from the type and quality of website content displayed on their sites. This is usually disorganized and does not give a clear clue about the specific tasks one is specialized in. Before you hire someone, you should go through their websites just to be sure that they can handle it as required.

Don’t meet deadlines
Scammers and fraudsters don’t usually take work seriously when it comes to freelance writing jobs online for college students and when urgent work is needed, they will never meet the deadline. However, since they want to be paid for, they will try rushing in attempt to sum up everything within the few minutes left. Most of them will always give excuses on why they are not able to finish the task on time. If you can notice such behavior in a given writer, it is good to avoid them so that they don’t put you in trouble.

Are grounded on plagiarism
Scammers are lazy people with no urge to explore academic materials in search of information. When content writers are needed; they will spend a little time reading through a single source and then transfer the information without necessarily modifying it. Since they source out content from published materials, this is detected as plagiary and is clearly unacceptable. On the other hand, a real expert will have plenty of opinions and original data to defend every point he or she puts across. Every sentence will be fresh and interesting. There will be no spelling or grammar errors in the entire paper because they take their time to craft the papers.

Request big payments and don’t stick on agreements
You can easily identify an unprofessional person from the kind of payments they request. This is because a good number of them are only greedy for money for tasks and they want to earn for things they have not worked for. When asked to do revisions, they will request for fresh payments when this is something that needs to be done free of charge. Freelance writing jobs online for beginners are usually based on certain agreements between the client and the writer. This needs to be adhered to through the entire course of writing. However, these individuals have no respect for the set rules and done care about meeting the expectations of their clients.

How To Apply For Freelance Writing Jobs: Guidelines

There are thousands of people who are well trained for freelance writing jobs for college students but remain jobless simply due to the fact that they don’t have an idea on how to get these jobs on websites like WriteZillas. If you are in the same boat, you need to pay much attention to the details discussed below. As much as it seems to be an easy, it actually isn’t. To be able to start attracting clients on your side, there are the simple steps that can help you.

Choose a good freelance writing site
Well, one of the earliest things you need to have done even before thinking of becoming a freelancer is to research about some of the available legal writer jobs. When you search online, you will get hundreds of sites. Chances are that you may get confused on which one suite you. The best thing that can get you out of the mix is to get advice from a renowned professional; from someone who has worked in the field before and has some experience.

Create a mind-grabbing profile
In freelance writing jobs for teens, it is possible for clients to judge a writer based on their personal profiles. To begin with, you must be online most of the time in order to maintain your profile as public. Most freelance sites will tend to privatize your profile if you remain dormant for a given period of time. Make sure your profile does not create mixed reactions among your clients. If you include impertinent information on your profile, you may never attract anyone.

Attach top-quality samples on your portfolio
This is definitely the only way clients will be able to tell whether you are worth writing for them or not. Samples for content writing jobs online need to be original. Therefore, don’t borrow a sample from someone else and attach it on your website because most writers will ask for a website link where they can get the real article. If the sample isn’t yours, you will lose the job.

Apply several jobs
With academic writer jobs, you first have to remember that you have no experience at all and therefore, we recommend that you start by applying entry level jobs. Once you do this and get several interview invitations, you can then move to the next level where you can now get to the intermediate level. If you otherwise decide to start by applying expert level jobs and you have neither experience nor adequate evidence on your portfolio, many people will take you as a scam and therefore, you will never be given a job.

Don’t give up
The strongest fighters are those who never give up no matter what. They keep on fighting the battle of competition until when they make it one day. You should never feel discouraged when a client denies you an opportunity. Rather, evaluate yourself and find out what you dint meet so that you can improve on it next time. It is also good to ask them directly about their expectations so that you don’t mess up things.